Dr. Svein Johannessen

Dr. Svein Johannessen


Svein I. Johannessen, PhD has been Head of the Department of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology at the National Center for Epilepsy in Sandvika, Norway since 1968 - ), in addition, Director of Research from 1982, and Senior Researcher from 2007 - ). In 2010 the Center was reorganized as part of the Oslo University Hospital, and the laboratory service became an integrated part of the Section for Clinical Pharmacology at the Department of Pharmacology, Oslo University Hospital.

The laboratory has a nation-wide service for TDM of most antiepileptic drugs and has been involved in establishment of national and international quality control schemes for antiepileptic drugs and has contributed to the implementation of TDM as an important tool for an optimal treatment of the individual patient with epilepsy.

Dr. Johannessen was appointed “Ambassador for Epilepsy” of the International League Against Epilepsy and International Bureau for Epilepsy in 1982 and became an Honorary member of the All Russian Society of Neurologists in 2008. He was President of the Norwegian Epilepsy Society, of the International League Against Epilepsy (1987 - 1999), honorary member since 1999 and founding member of the European Epilepsy Academy (EUREPA). Dr. Johannessen has served as member of several commissions of the International League Against Epilepsy since 1982, including the Commission on Antiepileptic Drugs, the Commission on Education, and the Commission on European Affairs. He has been member of the Organizing Committee and Scientific Advisory Committee of numerous international and European congresses and courses on epilepsy. He has served as a member of the Editorial Board of several journals, including Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Epilepsy Research, Epilepsia, and the European Neurological Journal. Dr. Johannessen has published extensively in the field of epileptology and clinical pharmacology of antiepileptic drugs.