Dr. Eliane Billaud

Dr. Eliane Billaud, Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou, France


Dr Billaud is a recognised expert in TDM promotion and evaluation. In close relationships with clinical and pharmacovigilance units, she have developed Immunosuppressive drugs TDM and Drug-drug interactions management, extended to anti-infectious drugs, specially antifungals in immunocompromised patients such as lung transplant cystic fibrosis patients. She is also involved in catecholamines measurement for the screening and diagnosis of phaeochromocytoma and paraganglioma.She is an active member of the IATDMCT as a French delegate at the IS Committee and has recently started with the Antifungal drugs TDM Committee chairing. She is member of the ISHLT (International Society of Heart-Lung Transplantation) and the ESOT (European Society of Organ Transplantation). She is a regular member of several French scientific and regulatory (French Health Product Safety Agency) working groups devoted to drugs evaluation and TDM. She is also a technical expert for the Pharmacology-Toxicology Program of the French Laboratory Accreditation Organism (COFRAC). Dr Billaud’s research has focused on clinical pharmacology of IS drugs and TDM role in drug management in transplantation. She has a particular interest in the management of IS drug-drug interactions, specially with anti-infectious drugs in immunocompromised patients and her work is reflected an important experience on the special population of cystic fibrosis lung transplant patients. She is now developing an international collaborative work on antifungal drugs TDM, specially for azole drugs. She is still collaborating to the French paraganglioma network. Dr Billaud has published more than 40 peer reviewed international publications and has authored some book chapters. She also is requested as a reviewer in transplantation or pharmacological Journals.