Dr. Mark Marzinke

Dr. Mark Marzinke, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, USA


Mark Marzinke, PhD, DABCC earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and subsequently completed a clinical chemistry fellowship at The Johns Hopkins University in 2012. Dr. Marzinke is currently an Instructor in the Departments of Pathology and Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (JHUSOM). He serves as the Director of Preanalytics and General Chemistry in the Core Laboratory of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he focuses on workflow analysis and test utilization. Additionally, he is the Associate Director of the Clinical Pharmacology Analytical Lab (CPAL) at the JHUSOM, where he focuses on the development and validation of quantitative mass spectrometric methods to determine the concentrations of anti-infective agents in rare matrices to support large clinical trials. His research interests include the development, validation and implementation of assays focused on personalized medicine, particularly in antiretroviral therapies and including therapeutic drug monitoring, as well as pharmacogenetic testing. Dr. Marzinke is board certified by the American Board of Clinical Chemistry.