Lewis Couchman

Lewis Couchman, Clinical Scientist, King's College Hospital, UK


Lewis began his work at The Medical Toxicology Unit, London, in 2003. After returning to Loughborough University to complete his undergraduate degree, he returned to work at the MTU in 2005, before undertaking a formal four-year clinical scientist training programme specialising in analytical toxicology, during which time he moved to King’s College Hospital, London. The training programme included a part-time MSc degree in analytical toxicology at the Queen Mary University of London. Lewis successfully completed the degree and training programme and now works as a registered clinical scientist at King’s College Hospital in the departments of clinical biochemistry and toxicology. Lewis is involved with research and analytical method development/validation using HPLC, and LC-MS(/MS) for a range of toxicology- and biochemistry-related analytes. Lewis has an interest in the use of TurboFlow technology for high-throughput analysis of drugs and endogenous compounds used in clinical diagnosis. He has published reviews on LC-MS in analytical toxicology, the use of LC-MS in steroid analysis, and on TurboFlow technology, and original research articles on vitamin D, porphyrins, and clinical audits relating to the TDM of clozapine and norclozapine. Lewis is currently studying for a PhD at the University of Leicester, developing novel mass spectrometric immunoassay (MSIA) methods for the measurement of a number of analytes, including proteins and peptides, relevant in the determination of vitamin D status in different disease populations.