Modern Day Analysis of AEDs
Modern Day Analysis of AEDs
Sun Sep 22, 2013  3:30 - 4:10 PM 
Imperial D

This will include the various analytical methodologies (e.g. LC/MS, immunoassays particularly for new AEDs, etc.); the need to participate in QA schemes and to “recommend” as to what should be expected from a modern AED TDM Laboratory service.


At the end of this session the participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the benefits and limitations of immunoassays for AED TDM
  • Discuss the benefits and limitations of LC-MS methods for AED TDM
  • Describe technology developments in high resolution mass spectrometry and alternative calibration strategies in LC-MS and their potential impact on AED TDM
  • Recognize the importance of robust EQA programs in harmonization of AED TDM methods.


This session will discuss various analytical approaches to measurement of AEDs in blood and other matrices. Particular focus will be given to LC-MS and immunoassay methodologies. Additional focus will center around the need for clinical laboratory method harmonization and participation in external QA and proficiency testing schemes.