Process & Timeline

A successful app takes planning and preparation. To give yourself time, look to start at least eight weeks before your event. If you have the pertinent information ready to go, your app can be done in a much shorter time frame.

Week 1

  • If you're using your own account: get Apple Development Account and authorize Gather Digital.
  • Get Image Specs to your graphic artist.
  • Set up buttons, optional features, sponsor levels and categories.

Weeks 2-4

  • Fill in iTunes Submission area on the Dashboard
  • Upload home page images.
  • Data Entry: Enter speakers, agenda sessions and locations (particularly internal floor plan maps).
  • Enter sponsors and exhibitor information.
  • Gather attendee information. Have us bulk upload attendees for you.

Weeks 5-6

  • Fill in details such as Twitter, News, Links, welcome messages and additional agenda sessions
  • Submit to Apple. (We do this step for you once you are ready.) Sometimes it may take Apple up to two weeks for approval.

Weeks 7-8

  • App on App Store and Google Play Store!
  • Market app to your attendees.