Lead Retrieval

The Gather Digital Lead Retrieval feature empowers you to deploy a lead capture solution that requires no special hardware and integrates seamlessly with both your current attendee badge system and your Gather Digital event management system. You may determine what payment, if any, is required of the exhibitor to participate in Lead Retrieval. When eligible exhibitors use the event app, they will have immediate access to the in-app Lead Retrieval feature to begin scanning and tracking leads.

lead retrieval badge scanning
lead retrieval notes image

Scan, Collect, Rate

Exhibitors who have elected to participate in Lead Retrieval may use the in-app scanner to easily scan an attendee’s badge. Contact information for that attendee will be delivered to the app, and the exhibitor will be able to rate the lead and add supplemental notes. Each person on site for the exhibitor will manage his or her own leads; the primary exhibitor contact will be able to view the entire collection of leads.

Accessing and Reporting

The primary exhibitor contact will be able to log into the Gather Digital VIP Portal at any time to track the progress of lead capture and to collect and download existing leads, including the ratings and notes for each. The event planner will also be able to track and monitor how many leads each exhibitor has acquired.

lead retrieval online dashboard