Academic Reunions, Commencements, Parent Weekends

Your alumni fondly look back. With new technologies, you and your university are moving forward.

Key Learning: Your alumni and university parents love their school. Help them create new memories and reinforce connections with social features and gamification.

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Create Anticipation and Excitement

The app offers the best place for alumni to see and get updates on who’s coming, the great events you have planned, and to connect and make plans with long lost friends.

Key features: Attendees List, Messaging, Agenda

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Celebrate the Social

Allow your attendees to message directly to each other so that meetups are a breeze. Integrate Twitter and Instagram to both foster and reflect the hustle and bustle of your event. Send a push notification to make sure no one misses an important session, like the TED-style mini lectures or the parent roundtable reception.

Key features: Social Feeds, Attendee to Attendee Messaging, Push Notifications

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Strengthen Bonds

Use fun and competition to bring people together with a badge game. Remind or introduce them to the most compelling areas of your university by using video clues for a cross-campus scavenger hunt game.

Key features: Badge Game, Videos

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Inspire Sharing

Encourage attendees to take group photos with your university mascot to post in the app. Create discussion topics for people to comment upon or allow folks to set up their own topics.

Key features: Photo Sharing, Discussion Board

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Boost Membership and Fundraising

Highlight alumni association, booster club and fundraising information and contacts. Link to Facebook, LinkedIn, gift pages and other important websites.

Key feature: Links

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Manage Logistics

Campus will soon be barraged with a huge number of people looking for the right building or complex, hoping to find parking and anticipating the scheduled activities. Create a logistics directory with maps, parking, campus procedures and event details. Send push notifications to these important stakeholders so that no one misses a single minute of the festivities.

Key features: Interactive Maps, Push Notifications

Create exceptional university events.