Internal Leadership & Strategic Meetings

Mobile technology is a game changer for building relationships, empowering employees and aligning strategic goals for internal enterprise meetings.

Key Learning: Leverage the competitive and social nature of high achievers with a mix of teams, badges, and social features to balance with a focus on productivity.

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Build Relationships

Use expanded profiles to strengthen bonds: let attendees share interests, goals, and favorite quotes, not just email and phone numbers.

Key features: Robust Attendee Profiles, Attendee Search/Sort/Filter

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Ensure Everyone is Participating

Include a To Do list to cover prep work for the meeting—and track who's on target. Personalize your attendees’ schedules so that each person’s app is customized based on level, division or area of interest. Schedules are updatable at any time and sync automatically to the app so it’s easy to stay current.

Key features: Task List, Personal Itineraries, Participant Types

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Leverage Competition to Drive Behavior

When the badge game is based on teams, people engage! You can bet if every member of the team must take a survey to earn a team badge, each person will more likely complete the survey. Energize communication with team discussion posts. Never underestimate the power of good ol' peer pressure.

Key features: Badge Game, Discussion Board

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Encourage Buy-In Through Social Sharing

Leverage social to drive goals, for example, set up a selfie station in front of your company logo and ask attendees to caption the photo with how they help drive company results.

Key feature: Photo Sharing

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Share Knowledge

Create a repository of learning. Offer presentations, documents and streaming video for participants to review pre or post event. Make the large feel small. Ask in-session questions of individual tables and have attendees collaborate and report group findings to the room. Award credits for continuing education sessions.

Key features: Live Polling, Presentations, Videos, CE Credits

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Ensure Smooth Sailing

Send push notifications to remind people about meetings. Let attendees voice issues to the conference planner through messaging. Gauge attendee attitudes and opinions through the use of poll questions live throughout the event.

Key features: Pulse, Attendee Messaging, Push Notifications

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Frame the Event

Remind everyone what a great, productive time they are having! Post photos of the fun and create a poll question that asks attendees to list their favorite part of the event to solidify amiable impressions of the meeting.

Key features: Photo Sharing, Pulse

Transform your internal event in ways you couldn’t before.