External Corporate Meetings

You’re bringing together important customers, partners, industry experts and company executives. Create an event that will energize, enlighten and inspire.

Key Learning: With your key stakeholders all together, use communication tools, personalized schedules, feedback opportunities and social features to reinforce your company brand, get closer to your customers and create an atmosphere of camaraderie.

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Connect Decision Makers with Key Resources

Field requests for content experts and easily set up meetings that flow into attendees’ personal itineraries within the app. Bring the right people together by creating table assignments at key lunches or dinners. Send automatic push notifications as meeting reminders.

Key features: Small Group Meetings, Personalization, Push Notifications

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Maximize Knowledge Transfer

Design an agenda that’s easy to browse and filter by track, expertise and knowledge level. Make preparatory materials and presentations available with a single tap. Send immediate or pre-scheduled messages from your organization to everyone, specific groups or individuals.

Key features: Powerful Agenda, Messaging

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Unveil New Initiatives and Enhance Your Brand

You’ve got the attention of your audience right now—reach out to them in a meaningful way. Create buzz for your latest product or service by announcing it with a video streaming right from the app, followed by as much supporting material as you wish to provide. Inspire them with thought leadership materials that are easy to access and save for future reference.

Key features: Custom Theming, Videos, File Cabinet

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Gain Deeper Customer Insight

Understand what’s on the minds of your audience. Using in-app surveys and live polls, you can solicit questions from the audience, have them vote on topics and share the results with the room in real time. Encourage everyone to converse on the discussion board. Collect invaluable insights for follow up with on-target materials and communication from executives to further your marketing objectives.

Key features: Surveys, Pulse, Live Polling, Discussion Board

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Build the Community

Harness the energy of your attendees and help it spread. Allow people to customize their profiles and make it easy for them to filter the attendee list to find others who share their interests. For fun, have a photo and caption contest where people post selfies with at least one other person at the meet and greet. Highlight your social media sites, invite people to post to them and project a large-screen view of the photo and posts in common areas.

Key features: Robust Attendee Profiles, Photo Sharing, Twitter, Instagram

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Shine a Spotlight

Your sponsors and exhibitors are important partners. Support them by showcasing their product or service line. Send attendees to their booths on the exhibit hall floor with a custom interactive map. Encourage even more booth attendance with a fun, interactive, virtual passport stamp game. Allow your partners to exchange contact information and message attendees within the app. Put their logos and banners in the app for high attendee exposure.

Key features: Interactive Maps, Badge Game, Contact Exchange, Exhibitor Messaging

Take your event to the next level.