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Unleashing the Potential of Event-Generated Data

You can learn more from your events than ever before. Opportunities created from bringing people together, gathering their insights and evaluating their behavior, are huge. Mobile technology is the catalyst. The depth and scope of information now at your fingertips allows you, the event planner, to host consistently more engaging and productive events. Further, it offers you the opportunity to work in concert with your sales and marketing colleagues to drive business and increase revenue for your organization.

Customized event apps on participants’ smartphones are your access to insights—far more insight than you could possibly gather from a registration website, paper surveys or printed brochures. Event apps allow you to learn what’s on attendees’ minds when they arrive. What are their interests? Which sessions do they plan to attend? What do they hope to learn? Who would they like to meet?

You can then offer to-do lists, conduct live polling and host message boards to learn how that preliminary information maps against what your guests do as your event unfolds. What sessions are they in fact attending? Which additional activities are they drawn to? What are they downloading?

Having gathered this intelligence, what are you now going to do with it?

  • You’re going to more effectively manage this event—making changes and additions on the fly—and prepare for enhancements to the next.
  • You’re going to better meet your guests’ needs and heighten their experience. Through the app, they’re networking, connecting with like-minded colleagues, sharing ideas with one another. Which session is everyone particularly looking forward to? Which exhibitor is not to be missed? Who’d like to meet for coffee at 3 pm to share thoughts on this morning’s plenary?
  • Meanwhile, you’re arming your sales colleagues with actionable customer-specific insight. You’re gaining a greater return on your event investment. You’re offering access to your sponsors’ website and sending qualified leads to your exhibitors’ booths, thus providing them with a greater return as well.
In sum, you’re more effectively meeting both your immediate objectives and your long-term goals.

Fully Leverage the Potential

Prior to your event, schedule strategic planning sessions with your sales and marketing teams. Discuss the data that together you’d like to collect before, during and after the event.

Ask one another some questions:

How can we more fully take advantage of a gathering of so many of our important clients? How should we stage surveys and polls to shape more complete guest profiles? And how will we react to particular pieces of real-time information: right away or after the event?