Preparing for Your Event

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Event Optimization

Learning what you can in advance will, obviously, allow you to host a more engaging, and lucrative, event.

As participants select the sessions and other activities they plan to attend, you’ve got a sneak peek at what’s going to be popular, and can prepare accordingly.

At the outset, you probably have a pretty good hunch of which breakout sessions are going to attract the most attendees. But you could be wrong. Maybe there’s a sleeper in there—a topic that just started trending yesterday. Who tagged which session as one not to be missed? Is there a buzz afoot? Room too small to seat them all?

Fix that fast. Knowing in advance who’s going where gives you an opportunity to swap rooms or roll back a partition.

And if an attendee signs up for a session that’s maxed out, or if she’s double-booked herself, she’ll receive a message alerting her.

You can also survey your attendees in advance about any number of things—topics they don’t see addressed on the event agenda, their thoughts on the state of the industry—and use that information to trigger discussion throughout. Consider questions like, “What’s your favorite non-work activity?” or “What adjective would your closest friends use to describe you?” Populate answers in the attendee profile area for great conversation starters. Or allow your participants to build their own profiles with bios, photos and contact information.

The app provides a personal, in-hand itinerary, which can be shared with everyone. Attendees can see which sessions their colleagues are attending, and adjust their schedule on the fly. Or say there’s a key customer you’d like to provide with some white-glove treatment. Now you know their schedule.

Pre-Event metrics from these features help optimize events: