Preparing for Your Event

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Intelligence and Revenue

Mobile event apps are excellent tools for improved customer/client service and revenue generation. Information in such depth and scope simply can’t be gathered by any other means.

While precluding the cumbersome, messy nature of paper surveys, mobile apps allow you to gather valuable intelligence in advance that your sales team can then act on throughout the event—answering questions, sharing relevant documents, steering to on-site sources—or follow up on post-event.

A good idea is to create a matrix of the kinds of information you’d like to collect. Then determine how to act on that information. For example, if an attendee checks into a session on cloud computing or downloads the session presentation, should they be contacted while still on-site? If so, who should do it and how? And how should those actions be scored and integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM) system for follow-up?

Now consider what that interaction or follow-up should look like. What processes need to be put in place? How can content and messaging in the app support those?

The app is also a forum for sponsor and exhibitor ad banners and images. They can be placed on the home screen or alongside individual session descriptions. The ad might provide information on where and when to find the exhibitor’s booth. You can also measure the number of clicks-through to the sponsor or exhibitor’s website.

Remember: The more you plan how to optimally utilize the power of your app—bringing your sales and marketing teams into these discussions—the more effectively you’ll leverage its revenue-generating potential.

Pre-Event metrics from these features help increase customer intelligence and ROI:

  • Surveys
  • Session check ins
  • Exhibitor ad banners