Post-Event Follow-up

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Event Optimization

Hosting increasingly engaging events entails learning from experience, an ongoing process. The information you’ve now gathered through interactive feedback allows you to more effectively evaluate every aspect of your event, and improve accordingly. You’re eliminating the guesswork.

Balance what users told you prior to the event with what they actually did, what they downloaded and what they said in the live polls or on the message boards. This will allow you to develop more rounded profiles of your clients, and to target follow-up messaging based on those profiles.

Keep the conversation alive. After the event, send out insights gathered from surveys and polls to encourage ongoing interaction and to get your guests looking forward to the next one. Share photos to remind them what a great time they had.

The information you’ve gathered will help keep you more accountable to your customers. It’s an opportunity to ask: Am I meeting my customers’ needs to the utmost? Am I recognizing that customer service isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition?

There are infinite opportunities to optimize what you’ve learned. Jettison what didn’t work; build from what did.

Metrics pulled after the event from these features help optimize events: