Post-Event Follow-up

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Intelligence and Revenue

The intelligence you’ve now gathered is an invaluable source of ongoing revenue. It’s time to fully leverage it.

You now know your clients better. You have a better sense of their interests. You’ve tracked their behaviors throughout the event: the sessions they attended, the vendors they visited, the documents they downloaded, the connections they made. This is all actionable intelligence that will be hugely valuable to your sales team.

You can also now leverage what you’ve learned as a guide in selecting topics for marketing campaigns, whitepapers, webinars and future events. Meet your clients’ needs by responding to what’s on their minds.

And you can share this information with your shareholders or board as evidence of the value of your events.

Now check back in with your sponsors and exhibitors. The success of your badge games, lead capture and in-app ads means that your exhibitors are more likely to return next year, having seen a healthy return on their investment. Share with them what you’ve learned and strategize for an even more productive future. Encourage their feedback throughout—they’re pros too; take full advantage of their expertise.

Metrics pulled after the event from these features or attendee behaviors help increase customer intelligence and ROI: