During Your Event

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Event Optimization

Interactive feedback allows you to check the pulse of your attendees throughout the event: What did you take away from this afternoon’s keynote? Or conduct an in-session live poll: How many social media channels do you regularly use? It allows you to bolster a sense of community: Which off-site activity did you find most fun? Garner the wisdom of the group: Which customer segment should be our focus for 2017? You can also solicit questions from your audience and if you see a pattern, you’ll know to address that topic in more depth in the future.

Gauge group opinions and gain consensus on key questions. Post your findings—either in-app or on monitors in common areas—along with comments to keep your guests updated throughout the event. These conversations add texture and help generate richer participation. Attendees feel more invested because they’re helping shape the proceedings. They’re being given the opportunity to actively engage with peers and gain valuable industry insight. Rather than being guided through a scripted agenda, they’re getting customized, dynamic content.

And you, the host, are getting feedback in real time—in time, for example, to perhaps schedule an encore performance of a hit session. And certainly to more effectively strategize for your next event.

Or consider the concept of the “unconference”: Attendees vote on topics they want to learn more about, and then the most popular among them become sessions on the last day of the event. It’s a great way to maintain enthusiasm to the very end.

To-do lists are also great motivators. Prior to the event you can provide each attendee with a personal in-app list of things to accomplish throughout the event. It’s a convenient way for them to keep up with their schedules. And if it appears they need a nudge, you can send a gentle reminder, and perhaps direct them to where they can get assistance.

Attendees can also earn continuing education credits, track their progress in the app and access a real-time credits-earned graph right in the app. An email will be sent at the conclusion of the event with a certificate of completion. Is this automatic? And you can provide managers with a full report of the CE credits their employees earned.

Metrics gathered during the event from these features help optimize events: