During Your Event

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Intelligence and Revenue

There’s so much intelligence to be gained with a customized event app that translates to your bottom line—information that you just can’t gather through any other means.

For example: Knowing what documents your guests download offers insight into their interests, which can then be relayed to your sales team. When appropriate, a rep can follow up right away, on-site, offering additional information and direction on where to learn more. Likewise with attendees’ survey and real-time poll responses and information they post on message boards about what’s resonating with them or what they’re looking forward to.

Being able to collect all of the questions from the audience, as opposed to just the few from people who get to the microphone first, makes the mobile app a superior way to understand customer questions and perspective. Address unanswered questions in another forum or follow up directly with the specific customer.

Gamification is a productive means of further engaging your guests, and it’s fun. The leaderboard displayed in-app and on a large screen makes for some good, friendly competition. Badges can be earned for attending individual sessions or for participating in surveys and live polls. Again, this allows you to gain a more rounded view of attendees’ interests.

Badges can also be earned for visiting exhibitors’ booths. Exhibitors get real value from increased attendee traffic.

Exhibitors have access to a report, at any time. They can target the most promising leads—and they’ll pay a nice premium for this service.

Metrics gathered during the event from these features or atte ndee behaviors help increase customer intelligence and ROI: