Mobile App Sponsorship Opportunities

iPhone rotating images

Rotating Home Page Images

Your sponsors can enjoy prominent placement on the app homepage. Home screen opportunities include:

  1. Single Full Screen Main Image (750 x 1200 pixels png )
  2. Small Banner Image Panel (750 x 300 pixels png)
  3. Custom Image Panel (750 x ANY-HEIGHT pixels png)
Each image panel may rotate between multiple sponsors and you may use as many image panels as you like, get creative!

iPhone Session Sponsor Images

Session Banner Ads

960 x 300 pixels png

Specifically place a banner ad for a sponsor within a designated agenda session.

Exhibitor Sponsor Images

Sponsored News Story

930 x 700 pixels png

Offer your sponsors an article in your News Story feed. News stories can have thumbnails or a large "featured" image.

Social Wall Sponsor Images

Social Wall

600 x 600 pixels png

The Social Wall feature includes support for sponsorship images. Allow one or multiple sponsors to be included in the social wall content.

Messaging Sponsor


Offer your sponsors the ability for you to send a broadcast message on their behalf to all app holders.
You may also offer the ability to send messages to individual attendees through the app.

Sponsor Levels

Sponsor Levels

Designate and list by sponsor levels.

Exhibitor Sponsor Images

Sponsor/Exhibitors Listing & Detail Pages

Square logo next to sponsor name on listing page.
225 x 225 pixels png

Larger image for detail sponsor page.
960 x 300 pixels png

Allow exhibitors to list individual attendees, include photos to personalize their organization and encourage networking.

Exhibitor Videos

$ Sponsor/Exhibitors Videos

Exhibitors can upload video content to be displayed under their detail page.

Recommended Video Resolution 720w x 480h
Video Format - mp4

Badge Game Sponsor Images

$ Badge Game

225 x 225 pixels png

Offer your exhibitors the opportunity to be a check in location for your attendees to earn specific badges.

Photos Sponsor Images

Photo Sharing

1200 x 1200 pixels png

Allow select sponsors to purchase promotional images to be placed within the photo sharing feed.

Live Poll Sponsor Images

$ Live Polling

960 x 960 pixels png

Live Polling is great attention getter and an engaging way for sponsors to reach attendees.
Sponsorship opportunities for live poll include an image displayed on all inactive questions as well as a banner image that is always present during polling.