GatherNow Umbrella App Deployment

You may wish to consider publishing your mobile event experience under the GatherNow app as apposed to a standalone white-label app. The GatherNow app is live in the iOS App Store right now and it can be found by searching "GatherNow".

Benefits of GatherNow Deployment

  • No Developer Account Required ($99 Annually)
  • No Submission Time Buffer to Consider (We Recommend 2 Weeks)
  • No Risk of Apple Rejecting Your App
  • Frequent updates mean you'll always get the latest capabilities from the Touchpoint platform

Publishing to GatherNow

Making your events live for people to search and use within the the GatherNow app is as simple as clicking the button in the CMS.

Instructing Users

Search & download from the App Store

Users will first need to download the container app by searching "GatherNow" in the App Store.

Search within GatherNow for your Event or Organization

After downloading and opening the GatherNow app users can add events and organizations to their directory by tapping the search button at the bottom of their screen.

That's It!

The user now has access to all of the functionality of your app and each time they open the app it returns to the event they were previously viewing.