Security: Client Roles and Responsibilities

The security of your information and business strategies is very important to us, and Touchpoint has invested in technology and processes to keep your data secure. We maintain the highest level of security and privacy.

Touchpoint CMS Accounts

To enable a new content manager to access the Touchpoint CMS, please send an e-mail to your Touchpoint account manager with that person’s email and full name. This email will serve as an audit trail to confirm access for members of your team, and Touchpoint will add the manager to the CMS with the proper access level.

At any time you may review which people have access to your organization by selecting the “Account Managers” menu option on your organization’s main page (where the list of gatherings is located). If you see someone on the list who should not have access, please contact your Touchpoint Account Manager immediately. We will proactively contact you every six months to review this list.

Touchpoint CMS Auto Logout

Your Touchpoint account may be configured to automatically log out content managers after a certain amount of time has passed with no activity. By default this security measure it not enabled, but to increase the security of your data, we recommend setting this timer to 20-60 minutes of inactivity. Please let your account manager know if you would like to enable this security feature.

Touchpoint CMS Password

Please choose a password that is secure. Touchpoint enforces minimum requirements: your password must be 8 characters or longer and include one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. We recommend (but do not require) longer passwords that also include at least one punctuation character. Please do not share your password or your account with anyone. Sharing your account is both a security risk and would compromise the audit trail we maintain of CMS access and content changes.

Reporting a Security Concern, Incident, or Other Problem

You may contact your Account Manager at any time with questions or concerns on security and privacy. He or she can escalate your issue within the organization as appropriate. You may also call the Touchpoint Support line (919-932-4266 and Press “2”) or send an email to If Touchpoint is having server or other performance issues, you may monitor our status at

Thank you for working with us!