App Store Submission Information

To submit your app(s) to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, Touchpoint will need several images from you as well as your app's title, search keywords and description. We've provided additional details about each of those requirements below. Your app will be submitted under the "business" category and Touchpoint will provide the support URLs and email addresses for your app.

Written Requirements

iOS App Store Title

This is the official title of your iOS app on the iTunes store -- it should be clear and distinct. Apple is asking for titles 30 characters or fewer.

Android Play Store Title

This is the official title of your Android app on the Play store -- it should be clear and distinct. Google is asking for titles 30 characters or fewer.

Device Display Title

The short app name appears under the icon on the iPhone screen. Anything more than 12-14 characters will have an ellipsis in its name.


Your app is searchable by application name and keywords. Please provide a comma-separated list of keywords that is no more than 100 characters long. This list cannot be updated unless the app itself is submitted again, so choose carefully. Do not include other app names or other company names.

Note: The Google Play Store does not allow listing of keywords and as such any terms you want your app searchable by must be included in the description.


Your detailed description of the app can be up to 4,000 characters long. The first 580 characters will be visible on the App Store without the viewer having to click the '...More' button. Do not use HTML. And be sure to your spelling and grammar carefully! We will use this description for both Apple and Android. Since Android Play Store listings do not allow keywords, be sure to use some pertinent search terms in this description.

Image Requirements

Note: Please submit all the images below in PNG file format

To submit an iPhone/iPad app to Apple, you need to include the app icon. You do not need to provide screenshots of your app -- Touchpoint will create and submit those.

Application Icon

This square icon will be displayed at many different sizes, from 2048px down to 29px. We will resize the icons automatically for you. Please do not round the corners of the image -- Apple does this automatically. The primary display of the icon on an iPhone screen is 57x57 pixels. Therefore, while designing the 2048x2048 icon, please be aware that it needs to be designed simply so that it displays well at the smaller sizes. We also recommend you place your design on a solid color background and not a gradient. Recent iPhones and iPod Touches have high resolution displays, so the icon graphics and text will actually appear sharper on those screens than it does here. When you upload the icon, we will display the standard iPhone and iPad sizes so that you may review their appearance.

  • Icon (required): 2048 x 2048 pixels