Side Slide Out Navigation

Choose Your Features

Video Instructions

App Design > Features & Menu

Select Add Feature + from the top of the screen to see a list of features available to your app. Add the features you need and close the feature selection slide out using the X at the top.

Image of feature selection menu

ReOrder Your Buttons

ReOrdering buttons is as simple as dragging and dropping them. Use the Navigation Menu preview on the right side of the screen to order your menu as you see fit.
NOTE: On most device, in portrait orientation, the navigation menu will display approximately 13 items before users have to scroll.
NOTE: If you choose to hide a button it will remain in the same position but grayed out slightly indicated user of the app will not see that item.

Additional Icons

If you are using a feature multiple times and would like a different icon used in each instance of the feature we have additional icons available to choose from. Your account manager can assist you in using one of these icons in your app.