Color Theming


Background Colors
Listed below are the themable background colors and their Hex defaults.

  • Toolbar Background: #222222
  • Button Background: #DDDDDD
  • Main Background: #454548
  • Selected List Item Background: #5E5E63
  • Sliding Menu Background: #5E5E63

Text Colors
Listed below are the themable text colors and their Hex defaults.

  • Tab and Button Text: #222222
  • Primary Text: #FFFFFF
  • Secondary Text: #E8AF00
  • Tertiary Text: #AAAAAA
  • Action Text: #00AEEF
  • Body Text: #FFFFFF
  • Menu Icon and Text: #FFFFFF

Using the Color Theme Tool

To change your theming colors select the item you'd like to change from the preview image. The corresponding field will become bold and the color picker tool will open. Choose a color using the tool or enter a Hexadecimal value if you already know it.

Theming Colors used in the HTML Editor

See the table below for a break down of how the colors set in your app design > color theming are applied to theme text you enter into the HTML editor.

Default Info Text Body Text
Bold Info Text Secondary Text
Link Text Action Text
Heading 1 Primary Text
Heading 2 Secondary Text
Heading 3 Tertiary Text
Heading 4 Primary Text
Heading 5 Body Text
Heading 6 Body Text

Non-Themable Items

The following items are not directly themable.

  • Toolbar Text: Text and Icons in the Toolbar are always white
  • List Indexes: Indexes divide lists by alphabetical order, groups, levels, ect. and are always an offset of the background color.
  • Inset Boxes: Description Text, Attached PDF Links, iPad Homescreen Panels, ect. are an offset of the background color.
  • Live Polls: Live Polls are not themable.
  • Comments Widget: The comments widget is an offset of the background color.