Surveys can be attached to an agenda session or listed in a separate survey button.

Feature Settings

App Design > Features & Menu

General Survey Button:
Surveys are available by default for agenda sessions. Additionally, you may enable the survey button to house surveys in a standalone button. Select +Add Feature from the top of the screen and scroll down until you find Surveys.

Creating a Survey

In the left side navigation, select the Surveys button or Event Surveys (if no general survey button is enabled) from related resources to create a new survey or edit existing surveys.

Name Your Survey

The name of your survey is what the user selects in order to open and complete the questionnaire.

After selecting the survey feature you will be presented with a list of your surveys. Select the New button to create a new survey.

And then enter a name for your survey.

Survey Settings

Once the you have named your survey you will see a few key settings.

  • Hide Survey: Survey will not be displayed, whether attached to an agenda session or listed under the survey button.
  • Include Survey in Menu: If enabled, you may lists the survey under a survey navigation menu button.
  • Participant Types: If enabled, you may designate a participant type for the survey

Adding Questions

Select Add Question to add one of 3 types of questions; choice, rating, or comment.

Connecting a Survey

To connect your survey to specific agenda sessions select the check box next to the session list on the right. You can also search & filter the sessions based off of terms. Select All will check all the sessions in your list.