Surveys can be attached to an agenda session or listed in a separate survey button.

Feature Settings

App Design > Features & Menu

General Survey Button:
Surveys are available by default for agenda sessions. Additionally, you may enable the survey button to house surveys in a standalone button. Select +Add Feature from the top of the screen and scroll down until you find Surveys.

Creating a Survey

In the left side navigation, select the Surveys button or Event Surveys (if no general survey button is enabled) from related resources to create a new survey or edit existing surveys.

Name Your Survey

The name of your survey is what the user selects in order to open and complete the questionnaire.

Attach the Survey

Surveys can be attached to events based on session type or a group term. For example, if you wanted to create a session evaluation survey and attach it to multiple sessions, you could create a survey entitled "Session Evaluation." Choose Events from the drop down to denote that this survey will be used on an agenda session.

Then, in order to assign this survey to sessions based on session type, select the type from the drop down.

Or you can choose to attach surveys to sessions based on a group term. (For more information on groups, see the Groups documentation page.)

If you'd like the survey to be housed under the survey button and not attached to a specific session, select the corresponding check box. General surveys can also be used in conjunction with participant types to control who sees which surveys.

Enter Your Questions

Choose from the following question types for your survey:

  • Rating (out of 5 stars)
  • Yes / No
  • Multiple Choice (see instructions below)
  • Comment

For multiple choice questions, enter your question in the first entry field. Enter your multiple choice options in the Choices: field with the "pipe" character (shift + backslash) between each choice. You may also designate a correct answer from your multiple choice options if you'd like.

Pipe Character = Shift + Backslash

using the pipe character on your keyboard