Page Feature

The Page feature is a single page view with no list and that can be edited via a WYSIWYG HTML editor. The Page feature also allows the use of an attendee's Dynamic Data Fields (DDF) when entering in the content of the view.


In this example we are using the Page feature to display a personized message to each attendee. Dynamic Data Fields are used to display the Name, a Table Assignment, and their Project Leader.

Selecting the DDF Icon icon in the WYSIWYG editor presents you with all of your Dynamic Data Field options. Choosing a field will populate your layout with placeholder text. This placeholder text will then be replaced with the actual value associated with each attendee as they look at it within the app.

For more information on which fields will be available in the DDF drop-down see the Custom Field documentation.

Page feature withe DDF fields

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Page feature withe DDF fields In-App

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