My Credits

Feature Settings

App Design > Features & Menu

Maximum Credits:
Appears on the top of the My Credits page in the app. Does not prevent the user from earning additional credits.

Credits Label:
The label appears on session details next to credit type and value.

Push Notification to a user when a credit is awarded:
User will receive a push notification when they have earned session credits.

Check-In to a session or complete a survey to earn credits?
Ways to earn a credit include:
Completing a Survey, Checking In, Completing a Survey or Checking In, as well as Completing a Survey AND Checking In.

Note About Check-Ins:
If you choose the check-in option, you will also need to decide if you would like a time restriction on when your attendees can earn the credit. For example, would you like for them to be able to check in at anytime or 30 minutes before, during and after the particular session?

Certificate Options

My Credits > Manage Certificate

Certificate Options and Images

  1. Title
  2. Vendor Code Label
  3. Vendor Code
  4. Supplemental Text
  5. Supplemental Attendee Fields
  6. Automatically Display License Information on Types
  7. Display Attendee Profile
  8. Logo Image
  9. Signature Image
  10. Text Below Signature
  11. Supplemental Image
  12. Include Certificate with Email
My Credits Certificate settings

Appearance on Certificate

Adding Credit Types

My Credits > Manage Credits

To add a new Credit Type, select the + New button in the top right of the screen and name it on the following screen (acronyms work best). You can add multiple credit types and award different credit amounts when assigning values to your sessions.

Set the Credit Value of a Session

Agenda > Edit Session

Via the CMS: To manually set the Credit Value of a session, simply edit the session and enter the session value next to the credit type.

Session Credit Editing

Via Spreadsheet Upload: To add the Credit Value of your sessions via a bulk upload, first ensure that you have added the Credit Type(s) you are using under the manage credits page in the CMS. On your spreadsheet, add a column for each credit type. Use the credit type as the column header and fill in the corresponding values for each session.