Live Polling with Touchpoint: Real-time feedback. No extra gear required.

Speaker/Moderator Instructions

  • You control the process—creating and displaying rating, multiple choice, yes/no and open comment questions.
  • Audience members vote and pose questions.
  • Web-based moderator console allows you to view responses as they come in, choose when to lock questions and display results to a projected screen and in app.

Get Started

  1. Go to the VIP speaker portal URL address provided to you by your conference planner. We recommend that you set up the questions using your computer browser.
  2. Enter your email address and password. If you don’t have a password, enter your email address and click on “create a password.”
  3. Once you’ve logged in, you will see a list of sessions at which you are scheduled to speak.
  4. To create a new poll, select the session to which you wish to add a live poll and then click “Create Live Poll.”
  5. Enter your questions ahead of time or on the fly as you are presenting.

Get the Feel

  1. Practice by setting up your first question. Click on New Question+ in the top right on the tool bar. You may create multiple choice (yes/no), rating or open-ended questions. Create a question and save it.
  2. Notice the question you created shows on your screen in the moderator view area. To edit your question, simply click on the question.
  3. Click on Display Question on the grey tool bar. Next to New Question at the top you'll see Supplemental Views. Here you'll find several alternative views: Participant, Projection and Speaker.
  4. Test by answering in Participant View. You can do this on your computer browser by clicking Participant View or on your mobile device by going to the agenda session and clicking on Participate in Live Poll. Notice how your responses appear in your moderator view.
  5. While in moderator view, you may close the question by clicking Lock Responses. You may also show results by clicking Display Results. Check out your Participant View and Results View again to see what will be displayed in app and on the Projection View.
  6. If you’d like, create an open-ended question and then a few responses by going to your Participant View. Notice that back in your moderator view, you may click on Filter Responses to delete inappropriate responses, star particularly good ones to move them to the top and check those you wish to display.
  7. To add more questions, go to New Question+. To get to your list of questions, click on Questions on the left side of the top bar. As you see, you may set up questions ahead of time or on the fly.
  8. Great practice! Now you’re all set to poll your audience in real time!

Decide on Your Audience Display

Attendees will see questions and results in the app on their devices. To also display your poll questions and results on a large screen, you have three options:

  1. You may use two computers, one projected to the screen (likely the one you’re already using for your presentation) and another to see the live poll moderator view to manage the poll.
  2. Or you may use a computer for the screen projection and a mobile device (tablet or phone) for the moderator view to manage the poll.
  3. Or you may use one computer employing “split screen projection” so that part of your screen is shared to the large display and part is used as a non-displaying moderator view. Ask your audio visual specialist for assistance.

If you choose not to display your poll questions and results on a large screen:
You may use one device—computer, tablet or phone. Your questions and results will still display on your attendees’ devices.