Links let you create a list of webpages to load in the app or in a separate browser window.

Adding Links

To create a new Link item, select the + New button in the top right of the screen.

Editing Links

Available link options:

  • Name: The Link Name will appear in your list of links.
  • Url: Enter the url of the page you are linking to here.
  • Load this link in an external browser: Checking this box opens the page outside of the app in the web browser.
  • Icon: Appears on the list of links next to the Link name. Recommended Size: 300px x 300px (png).
  • Description: Appears beneath the link name in the list of links.
  • Participant Type: If you are using participant types, only users with the participant type set on the link will get to see that link item.

In App Display

Links List

iPhone display of links list

Link Open In App

iPhone display of a link open in the app