Lead Retrieval

The Lead Retrieval package allows exhibitors with whom the event planner has granted access to scan leads at the event and collect the contact information of attendees.

Granting Access to an Exhibitor

Enable Lead Capture by navigating to their page in the CMS. Under the settings portion of their listing you can enable lead capture for that exhibitor. After enabling lead capture for that exhibitor, designate a VIP Portal Admin by entering their name and email.

VIP Portal

Exhibitors can customize their lead form to suit their organization's needs and requirements. Selecting "Manage Custom Fields" from the exhibitor landing page within the VIP Portal will bring up a modal. Add fields by selecting "Add field" from the top right. Field choices include Text, Rating, or Choice. Adding custom fields to your exhibitor will override any existing defaults set across all exhibitors.

The designated Admin for an exhibitor may log in to the VIP Portal to view and export leads collected by their exhibitor attendees.

They can also add members of their team, thereby granting them the power to scan leads using the app.

Exhibitor members will see the lead capture button as the first item in the menu of the app. Tapping the button brings up the lead scanning interface, ready to capture attendee badges and their corresponding contact information.

Badge Printing

Touchpoint does not provide badge printing services. The following example is a 3rd party service, used to illustrate how to simply and easily set up your name badges to work in conjunction with the Touchpoint app.

Avery.com - Badge Printing Example

After selecting the template you'd like to use you will be presented with a blank badge.

  • Select Import Data
  • Select any information you'd like displayed on your name badges & Lead Code as imported fields, then click next. On the next screen, Drag First Name and Last Name into the "Arrange fields" box. Hit next, then finish.
  • Next add the QR code. Select More from the left menu, then "QR and Barcodes". Select a "Code Type" of text. To generate the QR code from our "Lead Code" select the merge button beneath "MERGE QR OR BARCODE".
  • In the dialog drag and drop on to the field labeled "Enter barcode text" and then select finish.

That's It!

Select Preview & Print and then Print do generate a printable PDF.