Adding Info Items

To create a new Info item select the + New button in the top right of the screen.

Fill in the name of your info item and add content to the body below.

Add Images to Info Body

Adding images can be done directly in the edit window. Place your cursor where you would like to add the image and then select the image button to bring up the image properties dialog. If you are adding an image from the web you can paste the url in the URL field.

If you have an image saved on your computer which you'd like to use. Select the Upload tab. Select Choose File and find the image you'd like to upload. After selecting your image click the Send it to the Server button.

Make Image fill the full width

To make an image fill the full width of it's view, edit the width field of the Image Properties > Image Info tab. Input a value of 100% and then delete any value shown in the height field. Hit OK to save the image.
Note: do not worry if the image appears skewed in the image properties preview window. It should appear correctly after saving.

Theming Colors used on Info text

See the table below for a break down of how the colors set in your app design > color theming are applied to theme text you enter into info items.

Default Info Text Body Text
Bold Info Text Secondary Text
Link Text Action Text
Heading 1 Primary Text
Heading 2 Secondary Text
Heading 3 Tertiary Text
Heading 4 Primary Text
Heading 5 Body Text
Heading 6 Body Text

Info Bulk Upload via Spreadsheet

Info items can be uploaded via a spreadsheet as well. Copy and paste raw html and inline styles into the "Body" column of your spreadsheet.