In-App Links

The Touchpoint mobile app supports deep linking to content within the app. The structure of a Touchpoint URL can be seen below.

Constructing Your Link

First, from within the Touchpoint Content Management System, navigate to the feature or item within a feature you wish to link to. We will use this CMS URL to construct our In-App link.

Exhibitor Link Example

In this example we will construct an In-App Link to the Exhibitor feature as well as a specific Exhibitor within that feature and use it within the body of a Message.

From the WYSIWYG editor we first highlight the text we would like to turn in to a link and then select the Link button to bring up the link dialog.

Select "Other" from the protocol dopdown.

We will need to edit the CMS URL to match the mobile app's schema as seen here.

If we are linking to a particular item within a feature we edit the url as seen here.

Note: Feature Instances

You may have multiple instances of a features. In this example we are are linking to one of two Exhibitor features used within our app. In the dashboard URL we see this query string added to the end of the path ?feature_id=7304.

The mobile app will not recognize this query string. We will need to designate the Feature ID differently for the mobile app schema in order to ensure that we are linking to the correct instance of the Exhibitor feature. Instead of being at the end of the URL we need to add the Feature ID directly after the feature, separated by a dash /exhibitors-7304.

Example URLs

Surveys Feature

  • CMS:
  • App: gatherdigitalb4Fu://open.uri/apps/421/gatherings/921/surveys

Survey Item

  • CMS:
  • App: gatherdigitalb4Fu://open.uri/apps/421/gatherings/921/surveys/1395/

Agenda Feature

  • CMS:
  • App: gatherdigitalb4Fu://open.uri/apps/421/gatherings/921/events-7296

Agenda Item

  • CMS:
  • App: gatherdigitalb4Fu://open.uri/apps/421/gatherings/921/events-7296/67112

Info Feature

  • CMS:
  • App: gatherdigitalb4Fu://open.uri/apps/421/gatherings/921/infos-7307

Info Item

  • CMS:
  • App: gatherdigitalb4Fu://open.uri/apps/421/gatherings/921/infos-7307/13901