Import Formats:

In addition to entering any and all information through our online dashboard, you may quickly and easily bulk upload information into our system. We have included all formats in one Microsoft Excel spreadsheet example.

Video Instructions

Things to Note

Separate spreadsheets ✓

Save your resources (agenda, exhibitors, speakers, etc.) as separate spreadsheets. For simplicity, we've included multiple resources on our example spreadsheet. When spreadsheets are uploaded, however, it will done one resource at a time.

Agenda spreadsheet graphic
Exhibitor spreadsheet graphic
Speaker spreadsheet graphic

Spreadsheet data begins top left ✓

Make sure your spreadsheet has data beginning in first column and the first row. There should be no cells above or to the left of your spreadsheet data.

Spreadsheet graphic of top left cell

Match spreadsheet headings exactly ✓

Be sure you are using Touchpoint's terminology for all of your spreadsheet uploads. Refer to the example spreadsheet and copy and paste headings to ensure you are using the exact same heading labels. For example, use the heading of "Name" and not "Session Name" for the column containing session titles. Do not copy the example spreadsheet labels denoting the different resources. The rows beginning with the text, such as "AGENDA FORMAT EXAMPLE" or "SPEAKER FORMAT EXAMPLE," should be omitted.

Match headings graphic

Delete ✓ not hide

For columns containing data you will not be using, please delete the column. Do not hide it! Hiding the column may cause unintended data to be imported or uploads to fail. Hidden columns can create headaches when importing, so pare your spreadsheet down to include only information you need.

Delete columns graphic

Remove any extra cells ✓

After you feel you've got all of your data entered into your spreadsheet, do a final review. Scroll to the right to make sure there is no unnecessary data past what should be your last column. Scroll to the bottom as well and make sure there is no unintended information entered in a row below the scope of your spreadsheet.

Delet extra cells graphic