Groups allow users to filter lists more easily. Groups can currently be used on the following resources:

  • Attendees
  • Events
  • Exhibitors
  • Members
  • News Stories
  • Tasks
  • Video

Group display options can be set per group in the following ways:

Selectable Filters

iPhone Groups filter

Tabs for Lists

iPhone Groups tabs

On List Items

iPhone Groups list

On Detail Pages

iPhone Groups detail view

On CE Certificate

Groups certificate view

Adding Groups

To add a Group, select the + New button in the top right of the screen.

Fill in the title of your group and select the resource(s) you are going to be grouping from the right dropdown menu. In the example below, a "Region" group has been set up for attendees to display and filter the attendee list by geographic region.

Once the Group is set up, select Save & View in the bottom right. Next you may divide the group into different terms.

Adding Terms

Groups are divided into terms. Select the + Edit Terms button on the right side of the screen to add terms to your group.

On the next screen, add terms. Select the + New button from the top right to bring up a dialog allowing you to add any terms you would like to further divide your group.

Manually Setting Groups

To manually set a Group Term, go to the edit view of that resource and find the Groups section. Select the term from the group dropdown and hit the blue save button on the bottom of the screen.

Setting Groups via Spreadsheet Upload

When uploading a resource via a spreadsheet, you may designate a group with a column header labeled Group Header: Group Name.

Add one or more terms to the resource by specifying the term in the cell underneath your group header. The pipe character  |  (shift + backspace) is used to separate multiple terms

Download and view our example spreadsheet for reference.