Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is an extension of the Agenda feature. Under Features & Menu > Agenda, check the box labeled Allow Session Registration. If you are using Certain Platform for session capacity management you will need to select "Platform Managed". If session capacity is going to be manged solely in Touchpoint, select "Touchpoint Managed".

Set the Session to be Constrained

Agenda > Edit Session
From the edit view of your session, toggle the Registration Required and Capacity Constrained checkboxes to turn on capacity planning for that session. If capacity is being managed directly in the Touchpoint dashboard you will set the capacity for the session in the "Capacity" entry field. If capacity is being managed by Certain Platform you can ignore the field.

Setting Session as Constrained

Monitor Capacity Levels

Reports > My Schedule Report
The My Schedule Report will let you monitor available seats in each of your locations.

To see which attendees have scheduled a particular session, you can select the Scheduled value to bring up a list of attendees who have added that session to their My Schedule.

In-App User Experience

Session can be Schedule

Schedulable Session Screenshot

Session Scheduled

Scheduled Session

Unavailable Session

Unavailable Session Button

Cannot Reserve Warning

Session Unavailable Warning