The Interactive Badge Game

Let's Get Started!

Use Touchpoint’s interactive badge game to encourage networking among attendees, sponsors and exhibitors. The Leaderboard allows attendees to check progress and see who’s in the lead. Earned badges are also displayed on an attendee’s profile. Participation is always greater than you anticipate. Most people love the friendly competition. You’ll want to give some thought upfront to how you’d like to set up the interactive badge game. Here are some hints, tips and things to think about.

It’s your game; you make the rules.
You may allow attendees to earn badges by checking in to specific agenda sessions and exhibitor booths. You may even allow them to earn a badge by logging in to the app and for taking a survey. It’s your game; you set all the rules.

You’ll want to get folks involved early by having some easy-to-earn badges, most often the Login badge. Then have some more challenging badges to keep them interested. Encourage networking, sponsor interaction, attendee feedback and other conference objectives using this fun, interactive game.

Set the Rules

Choose from the following actions

  • Check in to a specific agenda session
  • Check in to X number of sessions from a list of chosen sessions (1 of 3, 2 of 4, etc.)
  • Check in to X number of sessions with a specific Term (e.g. check in to 3 cloud computing sessions)
  • Check in to X number of differently termed sessions within a Group (e.g. check in to 2 of 3 agenda tracks)
  • Check in to a specific Exhibitor
  • Check in to X number of Exhibitors from a list of chosen Exhibitors
  • View X number of Related Links attached under a specified feature
  • Respond to a specific survey or set of surveys
  • Respond to a survey X number of correct answer (optionally allow multiple attempts)
  • Respond to X number of Live Polls from specifically chosen poll(s)
  • Respond to X number of all live Polls
  • Send a message to X number recipients
  • Share X number of Photos
  • Start X number of Discussion Board topics
  • Comment on X number of Posts or Photos
  • Collect X number of Contacts
  • Complete X number of Tasks under the Task List
  • Add X number of Sessions to My Schedule
  • Edit your Attendee Profile
  • View this Event
  • Allow Push Messages
  • Manually award a badge

Set Up Your Rules Spreadsheet

An Excel spreadsheet works great for setting up your rules. Your account manager will import these rules for you into the Touchpoint system.

Design Cool Badges

Use our badges or create your own.
Badge Image Specs: 300 x 300 pixels in .png format.

Click below to view all of the Touchpoint badge options:


Promote the Game

Announce your badge game to your attendees in an email before your event, on event signage and in the app under your Info button. Customize the following text to suit your needs:

Play the [Event Name] Interactive Badge Game!
• Earn badges by attending agenda sessions and visiting exhibitor locations during the [Event Name] Conference!
• Simply download and log in to the conference app. Enter the email address you used to register for the conference and create a password. Earn a badge for logging in!
• Check in to agenda sessions as early as 30 minutes before a session starts and as late as 30 minutes after the session ends or enter the code word you’ll receive during the session.
• Check in to exhibitors or sponsors at the appropriate location by entering the code word that you receive there. The “Check-In” button is located at the top of the event session and sponsor/exhibitor descriptions.
• Size up the competition by checking the Leaderboard periodically to see your own earned badges and to make sure you’re staying ahead of the game!

[Then list your badges and what the attendee must do to earn them. For example:]

badge example

Up and at ‘em – Check in at both early sessions

badge example

Handyman – Check in at three Developers Toolbox sessions

badge example

All Star Vendor – Check in to these three vendor booths: ___, ____ and ______

badge example

I Came for the Food – Check in to both dinner sessions