Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking is a way to more closely manage an attendees ability to check in to sessions. Using the Attendance Tracking feature enables a scanned check in option, whereby specific users have the ability to check attendees into sessions by scanning a QR. You can designate these users under the Features & Menu section in the dashboard. Touchpoint does not provide printing services or QR code generation, as this should be handled by your name badge provider.

Feature Settings

Authorized Email Addresses
Grant users the ability to scan attendees into session using this field. Use commas to separate email address if you are inputing multiple users.

Enable Check-Ins on the Agenda

Attendance Tracking relies on the fact that Check Ins are enabled on the Agenda first. Look under the Agenda feature settings for the "Allow Event Check-Ins" button. Once enabled you have the option to select a default checkin type. If no selection is made on the dropdown every session defaults to checkins enabled, non time bounded without any verification. You may wish to set the default to ON - Staff scans the attendee badge.

Attendee Spreadsheet

Attendance tracking works by matching decoded QR codes to a string (usually a number) associated with each attendee in Touchpoint's attendee list. This field should be labeled with the heading Lead Code on your attendee spreadsheet upload.

Scanning Instructions

Users who have been authorized under the Attendance Tracker feature need only log in to the app and navigate to the agenda session. For sessions that are designated to allow Check-Ins via staff scanning of attendee badges, the deputized user will see a checkin button.

Once the button is tapped the scanning interface is activated and ready to go. Checking in attendees happens automatically when the camera is pointed at the QR code on name badges.

What Your Name Badge Provider Needs

Your badge provider will need the same spreadsheet used in the Touchpoint CMS. The Lead Code field can be used to generate a unique QR code. That QR code will be scannable from within your Touchpoint Event app.

If you do not have a vendor for name badges and plan on printing yourself we have provided a step by step guide using a Name Badge Template from - Badge Printing Example

After selecting the template you'd like to use you will be presented with a blank badge.

  • Select Import Data
  • Select any information you'd like displayed on your name badges & Lead Code as imported fields, then click next. On the next screen, Drag First Name and Last Name into the "Arrange fields" box. Hit next, then finish.
  • Next add the QR code. Select More from the left menu, then "QR and Barcodes". Select a "Code Type" of text. To generate the QR code from our "Lead Code" select the merge button beneath "MERGE QR OR BARCODE".
  • In the dialog drag and drop on to the field labeled "Enter barcode text" and then select finish.

That's It!

Select Preview & Print and then Print do generate a printable PDF.