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Allow Session Check-Ins
This check box will enable the ability for attendees to be checked in to agenda sessions. See the list below for a break down of the different check in options.

  • ON - Anytime, no additional verification
    • Attendee is immediately checked in upon taping the check in button

  • ON - Staff scans Attendee badge
    • Attendee must present a QR code to a designated user with scanning privileges in order to be checked in

  • ON - Verify just with code
    • Attendee is checked in after successfully entering in a session specific code

  • ON - Verify just valid time
    • Attendee is checked in to session by selecting check in button within a designated time block (within __ minutes from session start time)

  • ON - Verify Both: code AND time
    • Attendee is checked in to session after successfully entering the session code within a designated time block

  • OFF - No Check Ins (do not show button)

Check-In grace period Designate the number of minutes before/after the start of a session that attendees may check in.

Check-In Honesty Pledge Message Optional honesty pledge dialog. When text is present in this field attendees are prompted with the honesty pledge message and must accept before being checked in to the session.

Section Headers Agenda details may contain Links to content, Surveys, as well as Speakers. These section labels and icons may be changed under the feature settings menu.

Default Live Poll button name Changes the default name of live poll buttons on agenda sessions.

Allow User Comments: Allows Attendees to add comments on agenda sessions.

Agenda List Filters

Use the Dates dropdown to view only one or more specific dates.

Use the Columns dropdown to hide or display important information associated with each session in the list. Choose from the following columns:

  • Location
  • Speakers
  • Terms
  • Surveys
  • Related Links
  • Polls
  • Check Ins
  • Education Credits
  • Capacity
  • Description

Sub-Sessions are displayed by default. If your Agenda utilizes Sub-Sessions you will see them highlighted in light blue below their parent session. To disable their display and see only top level sessions toggle the Sub-Sessions button off.

Search Bar
Use the Search Bar to search any content from any of the session columns listed above.

Use the Terms dropdown to filter you sessions based on Group Terms.

Parent/Child Session Management

The Touchpoint event app supports multi-level agendas with top level sessions and child sessions housed under top level parent sessions.

Top Level Sessions: Top level sessions will have a plus button next to the edit button. Clicking the button will create a new sub-session. Top level sessions will also have a icon along with the number of sub-sessions, when it contains a sub-session. Selecting the icon will toggle the display of that session's children.
Agenda Parent Session

Child Sessions: Child sessions will in blue below their parent session.
Agenda Child Session

Re-Ordering Sub-Sessions:
To re-order sub-sessions click and hold the grabber icon and drag the session into the order you desire.
Agenda session re-ordering

Move Session Inside Parent:
To move a session inside of another session select the checkbox for that session and then select the plus button on a top level session.
Agenda session move inside

Move Session to Top Level:
To move a child session out from within a parent session and make it a top-level session, check the box next to the session and then a left chevron will appear. Clicking the chevron moves the session to the top level.
Agenda session move outside