Administrator/VIP Portal Process

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The event planner will set up your company with an administrator and a set of attendees. Those attendees will be able to access lead scanning within the app once they login, and the administrator will be able to view all the lead information within the VIP portal.

Your company’s administrator should log into the VIP portal at the URL provided by the event planner to confirm that the proper attendees are in the system and are eligible to scan leads.

VIP portal login screen
VIP portal details screen

Once the company administrator has logged into the VIP portal, they will see the company profile, a list of registered attendees, and any leads that have been scanned to date.

The administrator will be able to view and download leads as necessary from the portal.

Company Attendees Process

Once your company’s attendees log into the app, they will see a leads button at the top of the side menu.

Tapping on the leads button will display both a live camera for scanning as well as a list of leads that have been scanned by just that individual to date.

The attendee may tap on a lead to add notes and rate the quality of the lead.

All this lead information is automatically synced back to the Exhibitor portal for the Administrator to access and review.