Meetings Query

Touchpoint supports two types of meetings: Standard and Competitive. In a Standard meeting, all participants are listed. You have the flexibility to display a custom title for the meeting to each individual user; for example, if you want Participant 1's meeting to be titled "Meeting with Participant 2" and Participant 2's meeting to be titled "Meeting with Participant 1," you have that flexibility in the API. In a Comptetitive, you will identify which participants are the "neutral party." Participants who are not neutral will not be visible on the participant list. Additionally, the title of the meeting will be automatically generated for each participant. As above, the name of the meeting may be customized for each participant in the Custom Meeting Name field.


gatheringId: (Int!)
id: (Int!)
meeting: (MeetingParams)


name: (String!)
startsAt: (Datetime!)
CURL Request
curl -X POST http://localhost:4000/graphql -H 'Content-Type: application/graphql' -H 'Authorization: Bearer abcyourauthenticationtoken123' -d '{meetings(gatheringId: 232) {name startsAt endsAt}}'