appId: (Int!)
gathering: (GatheringParams)
GraphQL Mutation
mutation {
  createGathering(gathering: {name: Great Event", startsOn: "2018-01-23", endsOn: "2018-01-25", timeZone: "Eastern Time (U.S. & Canada)" }, appId: 232) {
CURL Request
curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/graphql' -H 'Authorization: Bearer 123abcveryLongAuthorizationToken456def' -d '{ mutation { createGathering(gathering: { name: "Great Event", startsOn: "2018-01-23", endsOn: "2018-01-25", timeZone: "Eastern Time (U.S. & Canada)"}, appId: 232) { name id startsOn endsOn } }'
GraphQL Response
  { "createGathering":
    { "name":"Great Event",


When creating a gathering name, startsOn, endsOn>, timeZone and appId are required.

name (String) The name of the gathering as it appears on the public listing.
startsOn (Date) The start date of the gathering in UTC.
endsOn (Date) The end date of the gathering in UTC.
timeZone (String) The time_zone of the gathering.
externalId (String) The unqiue ID of the gathering from it\'s source (i.e., the gathering id in your system). Not displayed.
externalSource (String) External data source of the gathering. If you have created this gathering in the Gather Digital system, Gather Digital will define the external_source. Not displayed.