CVENT API Integration

Gather Digital can synchronize Registrant/Attendee information and Agenda/Session information from CVENT. The synchronization of registrants is relatively straightforward; session synchronization is more involved and is described in detail below.

Subsessions or "Session Groups"

The CVENT API does not currently communicate which subsessions belong to a parent session -- the "Session Group" in CVENT terminology. Gather Digital relies on the "Code" attribute to contain the Session Group name. So, if you have a parent session called "Morning Training Sessions", each subsession should have that name in it's Code field. So "Morning Excel Training" would have a Code of "Morning Training Sessions"

Speakers and Locations

CVENT does not have standard fields for Locations and Speakers. Synchronizing this information with Gather Digital in a standard way allows you to easily reuse Speaker biographies and photos and Location maps and descriptions that you have in our system. To do this, we ask that you create two "Session Custom Fields" in CVENT: "Speaker" and "Location". We will be able to synchronize with these fields and match them up in the Gather Digital system.

You may define multiple Speakers in the CVENT system by separating them with a pipe character: "Jane Doe | John Smith | Phil Phillips"

Make changes in the appropriate system

Gather Digital can pull information from CVENT, but we cannot push information to CVENT. Therefore, if you want to make a change to a Session title, description, speaker, or location name, please do so in CVENT. But if you want to edit a Speaker biography or image, or a Location map, or a session Category, please do so in Gather Digital.

Do you have additional custom fields?

Gather Digital can customize your integration if you have additional Session Custom Fields to synchronize (perhaps you associate a "Track" with each session). We can also work with you if your event involves different "types" of registrants being able to see different events. For example, a "Home Office" registrant might only see "Home Office" sessions and a "Sales" registrant might only see "Sales" sessions. Please speak to your client service representative about these custom integration services.

Giving access to our servers

You will need to let Cvent know to allow the IP address from our server to access the API:

  • Click on the "Admin" button in the toolbar at the top of the screen
  • Select "Integrations" from the blue toolbar
  • Select "SOAP API Usage"
  • Add an api user with the IP address