Touchpoint's New Event App Feature, To-Do Task List, Helps Planners Keep Things Rolling

Planners can now monitor how event attendees are progressing with planned tasks and activities.


Touchpoint has added a new tool to its suite of event application features. It’s a To-Do list that allows event planners to assign a menu of tasks for participants to complete and to then monitor their progress.

To-Do lists are particularly useful for on-boarding and training events or any event in which the planner wants to ensure that attendees are progressing with a given set of tasks. The feature also works nicely as a personal motivator or for friendly competitions.

Each task in a To-Do list can include a title, descriptive text, due date for completion and attachments such as PDFs or JPGs.

Event planners may monitor progress by logging in to the Touchpoint online dashboard. Reports identify the groups and individuals that have been assigned tasks, indicate which individuals have outstanding tasks and determine the percentage of a group that have completed the tasks. If it appears they need a nudge, guests can be sent a gentle reminder by way of a push notification. An Excel version of the reports may be downloaded.

Touchpoint’s customized mobile app allows event planners to more effectively manage upcoming and ongoing events and better plan for future ones. Features are available to corporations and associations in single and multi-event apps.

ABOUT Touchpoint

Touchpoint provides best-of-breed mobile event apps for corporations, associations and educational institutions. Established in 2009, Touchpoint creates native and mobile web applications with an integrated system for lead retrieval, continuing education credits, live polling, surveys, small group meetings, personalized itineraries and gamification. For more information, contact Angie Sloan at 919-932-4266.

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