Touchpoint Releases Event App Lead Retrieval to Boost Exhibitor Leads

New lead retrieval capability allows tradeshow exhibitors to scan, track, take notes and fully manage leads within the event app.


Touchpoint has recently introduced Lead Retrieval, a new event app feature that allows conference planners to offer in-app lead capture. Tradeshow exhibitors can scan, track, take notes and manage leads within the event app. The feature, built directly into the app, replaces the need for a separate system or special hardware.

Conference exhibitors and sponsors capture sales leads in the tool that event attendees and exhibitors already carry—their mobile devices. Using the in-app scanner, the exhibitor simply scans the attendee’s badge. Contact information for that attendee is delivered to the event app where the exhibitor may rate the lead and add supplemental details in order to qualify the lead.

Members of the sales team are able to acquire, track and manage their individual leads. The exhibitor team captain, as well as the hosting event planner, may track lead retrieval progress at any time in the app and download all members' acquired leads, complete with ratings and notes.

Touchpoint has long been a leader in event apps that highlight sponsors and offer engagement opportunities to exhibitors and attendees. This feature is one more step in an effortless exhibitor experience meant to increase the event’s return on investment for the exhibitor and for the hosting organization. The functionality is available to corporations and associations in single and multi-event apps.

ABOUT Touchpoint

Touchpoint provides best-of-breed mobile event apps for corporations, associations and educational institutions. Established in 2009, Touchpoint creates native and mobile web applications with an integrated system for lead retrieval, continuing education credits, live polling, surveys, small group meetings, personalized itineraries and gamification. For more information, contact Angie Sloan at 919-932-4266.

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