Touchpoint Introduces Multi-Language Capability to Its Event Planning Portfolio

The multi-language enhancement, managed inside Touchpoint's content management system, makes it easy for meeting planners to define the base and supplemental languages for each event.


Touchpoint is further advancing its leadership role in the mobile event app industry by enhancing its ability to support different languages across multiple events within a single app.

Event planners can now load content for multiple events into the Touchpoint mobile app and each event can offer a customized set of language options. Planners can easily manage those languages, and attendees can easily control their options. For each relevant event, the app will present to the user a list of the languages available; multilingual users can select and prioritize as they wish.

Managing all of this inside Touchpoint’s powerful content management system makes it easy for event planners to define the base and supplemental languages. And changes can be made very quickly. If, for example, a session’s room should shift at the last minute, the CMS provides one place to make a single change that is reflected in all languages.

Touchpoint is one of the few mobile event app providers to offer this service.

“We’re now able to provide an enhanced level of power and flexibility to our global clients who are offering multiple languages per event and are managing multiple events within a single app,” said Touchpoint CEO Jon Phillips. “Users can proactively choose the languages they wish to see within our app and move seamlessly between events.”

ABOUT Touchpoint

Touchpoint provides best-of-breed mobile event apps for corporations, associations and educational institutions. Established in 2009, Touchpoint creates native and mobile web applications with an integrated system for lead retrieval, continuing education credits, live polling, surveys, small group meetings, personalized itineraries and gamification. For more information, contact Angie Sloan at 919-932-4266.

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