Event App Provider, Touchpoint, Enhances Capacity Planning Flexibility

A new in-app feature allows conference planners to match session rooms with anticipated attendance levels as guests sign up.


Touchpoint, an event applications industry leader, has announced the introduction of a capacity planning feature that allows event planners to anticipate room overflow challenges and address them.

The feature, integrated directly into the app, allows planners to set an attendance limit for session locations and mark a session that is filling up as “constrained.” When attendees tap the app button to add that session to their personal event schedule, the app will confirm whether there is still capacity and inform them if it’s full.

Planners can check a report at any time to see who has reserved a spot in a particular session and monitor for sessions nearing capacity. This allows planners to keep things running smoothly, moving popular sessions to larger rooms or reserving a room for overflow.

The app will also notify the attendee if he or she already has a session reserved for the same time. The attendee wouldn't be allowed to double-book, but could quickly and easily cancel their existing reservation within the app and sign up for the new session.

The new capacity planner feature further enhances Touchpoint’s efforts to allow event planners to more effectively manage upcoming and ongoing events and better plan for future ones. Touchpoint mobile app features help planners better meet guests’ needs and heighten their experience while maximizing the return on event investment. Features are available to corporations and associations in single and multi-event apps.

ABOUT Touchpoint

Touchpoint provides best-of-breed mobile event apps for corporations, associations and educational institutions. Established in 2009, Touchpoint creates native and mobile web applications with an integrated system for continuing education credits, live polling, surveys, small group meetings, personalized itineraries and gamification. For more information, contact Angie Sloan at 919-932-4266.

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